Complete Payroll Administrative Services
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We offer complete payroll services for Employers like yourself. We take care of your required employment related duties, so you can focus on your main core ‘income generating’ business instead of mandated administrative work. Our professionals eliminate unnecessary penalties and errors.

We serve as your own HR administrative back office.  All you have to do is hand us the hours worked, and we will do the rest of the required administrative work; handing back to you complete, meaningful, and easy to understand reports.  With our help you can completely free your “time-worry-resources” from handling these time consuming administrative mandated tasks!

We make it simple for you. We process payroll, direct deposit to your Employees, and timely pay ALL of your required payroll related accounts payable - such as payroll taxes, workers’ comp, employee benefits and health insurance, mandated court orders, child support, garnishment, bankruptcy, tax levy, and etc.

We improve your cash flow with our “same day payment service” - same day transfer from your account to your Employee.  No more 1-2-3 days advance payment.

Our service includes your annual workers’ Comp audit, W-2, W-3, state(s) and federal required annual reports, and annual payroll summary reports for your permanent record.

We keep all your Employee and payroll records for you as you would at your own office.  We keep you in compliance with state and federal record retention rules.

Our Customer Service Team is the point of contact on your behalf and will handle your employment related needs for you, your Employees, tax authorities, workers’ comp, insurance companies, court order, auditors, etc.  Thus, freeing up your time so you can focus on your core income generating business.